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An Open Practice for tryout candidates will take place Friday, April 28th from 6-8 in Gill Coliseum. 


If you are under 18, you need a guardian signature. 


Tryouts will take place April 29th & 30th, 2017.



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2017 Tryout Dates


Day 1  Saturday, April 29th - All Day


Day 2  Sunday, April 30th- 12 PM- 10PM


Located in Gill Coliseum



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Very Tentative Tryout Schedule
Saturday, April 29, 2017

9:00 AM Check-in for both female cheer and dance candidates (not males)
9:30 AM Warm-ups Begin
9:15 AM Learn Dance
9:40 AM Learn Across the floor (optional for cheer)

Warm up tumbling (optional for dance)
9:45 AM Learn Fight Song
10:00 Rotations Begin

- Fight Song

- Dance

- Technique/ Tumbling
Noon Lunch Break

Cuts Announced
1:30 (One hour after we break) Check-in for cheer, dance & male candidates
1:45 Warm-ups Begin
2:00 Dancers learn dance (Once choregography is learned, dancers will break)

Stunting Warm-up
2:30 Stunting Evaluations (BHS, Toss Extension Full-down)
4:30 Cuts Announced

Males learn fight song

Cheer candidates partnered up

Dinner Break
6:00 Dancer Original Routine Evaluations (One hour after we break)

- :30 -:45 seconds in length

- Bring your own music on an MP3 player

- Bring any necessary adaptors

- There should be no more than two eight-counts of lead-in music

- May be any style you choose (Show us your best skills/ style)

- Routine should be choreographed by you

8:00 Cuts Announced

Possible Additional Evaluations

Sunday, April 30, 2017

12:00 Male & Female Cheer Candidates report
12:15 Warm-up
12:30 Evaluations Begin (Tumbling, Dance, Stunting, Fight Song)

1:30 Dance candidates report
1:45 Warm-up
2:00 Evaluations Begin (Dance, Technique, Fight Song)

5:00 Cuts Announced for Cheer & Dance


7:00 Possible additional evaluations

New Team Meeting & Picture

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