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What is the MINI BEAVS?

MINI BEAVS is a youth cheerleading and dance team made up of K-8th graders that get to wear an authentic team cheerleading uniform and perform alongside the real BEAVER CHEERLEADERS throughout the season!


When are practices?

There will be two practices during the year.  One Fall Clinic and one Winter Clinic. 


When are the performances?

There will be four performances throughout the year.  One Football, Volleyball, Women's Basketball and Men's Basketball Game each year.



How does the on-line registration work?  

When you go to the link, you can create a username and password.  Your information will be saved, so that you can change or complete your registration at any time.


How much does it cost?

Prices range between $40 - $200.  You can select your uniform package and what clinics, events and extra tickets you would like to purchase.

2016/2017 Membership Fee (Required) $25
Fall Clinic
 Football Performance
Friends & Family FB Tickets
Volleyball Performance (includes participant ticket) $15
Friends & Family VB Tickets $7
WINTER Clinic $20
Men's Basketball Performance (includes participant ticket) $20
Friends & Family MBB Bench Seat Tickets $12
Women's Basketball Performance (includes participant ticket) $15
Friends & Family WBBTickets $9


Uniforms are optional.  Members may choose to wear a solid black or white shirt and shorts, an orange bow and white shoes.  We have a new uniform available this year with the Beaverhead Logo.  Last year's uniforms are more than welcome.



Can I purchase tickets for my friends and family?

Yes, all MINI BEAVS Team Members will be able to purchase tickets at a reduced cost for all events.  The participant ticket is included in the price of registering for that performance.  You can add more tickets by logging back into your account.  The deadline for any ticket purchases or event additions is 10-days prior to that event.

What if my child cannot make it to a clinic?

We will have videos available to any members that are unable to attend the practice clinics.


What if my child cannot make it to a performance?


No problem.  The program is "Ala Cart," so you can pick and choose which events you want to participate in.  You can log-in and add more events up to 10 days prior to the event date.



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